Cool Dog Country Club

Our Story

At the Cool Dog Country Club we offer much more than a typical daycare and boarding facility.  The Club has been newly renovated top to bottom. We are the perfect place for dogs to socialize, unwind, and have a fantastic time while their families are out of town or at work. Our board and train options make great dogs out of good dogs. Everybody wants a cool dog.

Our Services

How It Works

Reach out to us and learn how we take care of your pups

Doggy Daycare

Happy tails all day! Dog daycare, where playtime and pampering come together.

Dog Boarding

Peace of mind while you’re away – premium dog boarding for your furry friend!

Dog Training

Train your dog for a happier bond. Positive reinforcement and Balanced training works wonders!

Dog Grooming

Pamper your pup with deluxe bath and a deshedding, which cuts shedding by 80% for a month. It’s a game changer!


What People are Saying

We highly recommend Charlie and Katie!

My dogs have not been to DogDaze or Cool Dog, as I live in California. I’m writing on behalf of my son who is in the military, and currently on deployment overseas. I will try to keep this as short as I can, yet still try to express how thankful and appreciative of Charlie and his wife Katie that I am. My son’s two dogs were being cared for while he’s on deployment by someone he considered a friend. It came to our attention that this individual’s circumstances changed, and the dogs were no longer being taken care of properly. Our instincts were telling us that both dog’s care was being neglected, and timing was critical to get them out of the situation they were in, and into the care of someone we knew would take good care of them. Charlie had cared for one of the dogs on my son’s last deployment, as the second dog came into the picture after that. My son was able to reach out to Charlie and explain the situation. Charlie says “I got your back”, and agreed to take both of the dogs. He didn’t just “take” them. Charlie and his wife went out of their way, above and beyond to do what was required to get the two dogs out of their situation and into their care at DogDaze. I am sparing so many details, but it is unbelievable what they have done, and they are nothing short of a godsend. It is very evident how much they truly care about these little guys. We highly recommend Charlie and Katie!

Cindy L.

Charlie and his team are by far the best boarders

Charlie and his team are by far the best boarders we have ever encountered!! We are working with our rescue pup on crate training and separation anxiety training, and after just ten minutes of talking to Charlie in a get-to-know-you phone call, I felt like I should pay him for all of the training nuggets he so freely offered to me! Banjo’s comfort in the crate and when we leave him at home has improved so much since we started executing Charlie’s advice. Banjo returns to us very happy and balanced every time after picking him up whether it be for day care or a week long boarding trip—and you can’t beat their price! We will be taking Banjo here and using them as a training resource for years to come; I can’t recommend them enough! 

Magnolia Hopkins

Our Hours

Monday thru Saturday:

6 AM–12 PM to 3 PM–6:30 PM


10 AM–12 PM to 5 PM–7 PM


5 PM–7 PM (no daycare on Sunday)


We are closed on all major bank holidays.

We have a 5 day minimum stay at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are only open in the AM on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.