Dog Country Club Pricing

Prices for our daycare, boarding, grooming and training services


$35/day or

$300/10 day packages


6000 ft indoor climate controlled play area


Huge yard with artificial dog turf and a new 8 foot fence


30x15 ft swimming pool


$50/night for Traditional Boarding

includes beds, bowls, toys, treats, a blanket and food. Daycare and access to our pool are also included.

$60/night Cageless Boarding

includes beds, bowls, toys, treats, a blanket and food. Daycare and access to our pool are also included.


The food we feed is Blue Buffalo - Life Protection Formula with vitamins and probiotics, Chicken and Brown Rice

We also offer Nature’s Domain Salmon or Beef and Sweet Potato, which are grain-free options.


Our puppy food is Nature's Domain Chicken and Sweet Pea

For food from home:  Please, put each days food (not each meal) in one ziplock bag with your dog’s name on it.  And put those bags in a bag paper or plastic bag we can recycle.  We do not accept open bags of dog food nor plastic bins/tupperware. 


No charge for prescription diets


No charge to administer meds


Prices vary based on coat length, coat condition and pet compliance.


Appointment only


Prices vary. Evaluations are free.


Price is confirmed at the end of the evaluation

Drop-off & Pick-up

  • The Club offers Curbside service. Please, stay in your car and let us serve you
  • Call the pick-up line posted outside when you are the first car in line. Please, do not call from the back of the line
  • We will do all of the billing over the phone at pick-up
  • Please be sure that there is a way to secure your dog inside the car
  • We will use our leads to walk your dog in and back out
  • Please, make sure your dog has a collar on with it’s name and your contact info
  • We do not allow collars with metal chains
  • We also don’t allow chemically coated collars like Seresto or flea collars

No sick dogs

If your dog has presented any symptoms of any illness: coughing, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting,  eye discharge, etc. PLEASE,  DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO US. If you have questions, please give us a call and we will advise.


10% discount on reservations over 7 days, 10% discount on active duty military, teachers and first responders
  • Behavior assessments, vaccine confirmation, and credit card on file must be completed before a reservation can be confirmed
  • We do not accept intact (unspayed) females over 6 months
  • Intact Males will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Mounting/humping makes a dog a danger to themselves because of the adverse reaction that behavior will cause