How it works

This is how you join The Club.  All Cool Dogs are welcome!

Welcome to the Club!

Where all the cool dogs want to be.


Reach out to us and provide us with your full name, phone number and email address.  Please, include your dog’s name, breed, age and whether they are spayed/neutered.  


We must confirm your dog’s most recent vaccinations before we can invite you in for a tour of our facility or a “Meet-N-Greet”. We require Rabies, Distemper (DHLPP) and Bordetella/Kennel Cough. We strongly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine. If you provide us with the name of the vet clinic you use and the name on the file there, we will be glad to call them for you to get the vaccine information we need.


Once we have confirmed your dog’s vaccine records, we will call you or email you to set up a convenient time for the “Meet-N-Greet”. The Q&A will take about 30 minutes. We will walk you through our digital registration form here in the office.  We will also introduce your dog to one of our helper dogs. If everything goes smoothly, you are welcome to leave your dog with us for a complimentary day of daycare.